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ginger honey soap

Meet Ginger Honey Tea.

I cannot stop smelling this soap. I have the one I used for the above photo on my desk, and seriously, I keep finding myself picking it up and inhaling deeply.

It's seriously good. 

The first smell you get is that tart lime smell, accentuated with a tiny amount of bergamot to give it an edge. As you inhale deeper, this top note dissipates into a warm ginger smell. The middle notes of pepper, clove, and lavender can be distinguished only by the finest nose, they serve to take away the acridity of the ginger and round out and support the scent beautifully.

The liquid part of the soap itself is made purely from Barrys Irish Tea, brewed with distilled water. I then added organic honey to give it that deep brown color - the honey also helps create a luxurious lather. Pre soapmaking, the essential oils are anchored in kaolin clay overnight, which not only has beneficial skin properties but also serves to keep the scent fresh and help the essential oils survive the saponification process.

For texture, I also use a small amount of pure sieved oatmeal flour, which is known to have beneficial properties for your skin. It helps with many skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. There is a reason people have oatmeal baths to calm irritated skin. 

These factors, alongside my base soap ingredients which are of very high quality, and were chosen for their benefits to the soap rather than based on their cost; combine to create a soap that not only smells incredible and is a delight to use, but actually has ingredients that are great for your skin. Once you use this soap, you will know the difference.

The soap itself weighs in at about 5.5 oz, and has been cured for 4 weeks to ensure a longer-lasting soap.

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ginger soap

ginger soap

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