Why The Black Stuff?

1. 100% NATURAL ingredients your skin will love

2. UNIQUE SCENTS you won't find elsewhere (only essential oils)

3. ACTUALLY HANDMADE in-house by us 😅😅😅

4. FAST FULFILMENT (from either our DUBLIN workshop or our USA warehouse)



Smell great all day with our dry natural deodorant. Like all of my products, this is made by ourselves in-house.

No staining. No wetness. Four scent options. Arguably the best natural deodorant a man could want.

So Many Positive Reviews!

Loved by Our Customers

I'm overwhelmed with the positive response to my handmade soaps since launch. Have a read below!

Natural Handmade Soaps for Men


Ready to commit? Pick your favorite natural handmade soaps and soapscribe to a convenient delivery every 4, 6 or 8 weeks.

Cancel or make changes to your subscription any time (easily!)

We recommend 1 soap for every 2 weeks though if cared for 3 weeks per soap is easily achievable.


handmade in small batches - the black stuff soap for men

Actually Made By Hand

We actually make all our own soap & deodorants.

It's not "handmade" in a factory, but in our small workshop in Ireland. We make small batches of about ~200 soaps at a time. Check out any of our socials to see lots of videos of us making our products.

no chemicals or additives icon - the black stuff soap for men

Nothing Artificial

We don't add anything weird to our soap. No preservatives, chemicals or parabens (whatever that is!) - only natural ingredients.

We don't even use fragrance oils. We only use our uniquely created in-house blends of essential oils to create our scents.

made from all natural ingredients - the black stuff soap for men

Made from all Natural Ingredients

All our products are made from actual raw ingredients. We buy Coconut oil, Olive Oil, Palm Oil (responsibly sourced), Castor Oil and a lot of Shea Butter. We only use essential oils and natural raw materials.

shipped from the usa but made in ireland - the black stuff soap for men

Hand made in Ireland

We handcraft all of our soap in our workshop here in Ireland. We then cure it for 4 weeks and then ship it to our warehouse in the USA. When you purchase, rest assured it's already half way there. (Irish & European orders of course ship from Ireland!)