Making the Most out of your Natural Deodorant

So you have just purchased some Natural Deodorant for the first time. Congratulations! 

This post is designed to help you make the most of your purchase. Here are a few things to note about natural deodorant:

1. You will continue to sweat

In-fact, for the first couple weeks, you may notice yourself sweating more than normal. This is your body adjusting, getting rid of all those toxins built up in your armpits from years of antiperspirant / old school deodorant usage. 

This is perfectly normal, and your body will get used to the change. It may take a bit of time though. So bear this in mind. We recommend reapplying the deodorant regularly for the first few weeks, and just being aware that your body is adapting. Showering with soap high in antibacterial qualities, will also help. Try our Atlantic Pine Tar soap.

Trust me, it's worth it.

2. Sweat doesn't smell

Sweat itself doesn't actually smell. It's the bacteria that feed off the fats contained in sweat that create the typical 'B.O.' smell. Natural deodorant works by eliminating the bacteria, not by stopping you from sweating, or by masking the smell. If you want to learn more about the difference between a natural deodorant and an antiperspirant read this article.

3. Consistency of the deodorant.

We use candelilla wax to solidify our natural ingredients, we don't use any artificial stabilisers. This wax comes from a plant, and the consistency of it will vary according to the ambient temperature at which it is stored. In cold environments, it will feel cold and dry. In warmer temperatures, it will feel more creamy. 

If your deodorant feels dry when you take the cap off, it's important to let it melt a little before applying it to your armpit. You do this by holding it to your skin for a few seconds, it will quickly begin to change consistency and glide better. If it's too creamy, consider storing it in a cooler environment.

4. Less is more. 

We don't use any fillers, so the deodorant is quite concentrated. Once you are used to the deodorant, you will notice that you don't actually need to apply much of the product for it to work. Simply hold it to your arm to soften, then a couple of swipes is all that is needed. We recommend applying to a dry armpit, so if you are just out of the shower, make sure to dry off first. Oils and water don't mix amazingly well.

If you over apply, your pit will feel sticky, and if you have hairy armpits, the hair will clump. You don't want this and if you notice either of these things, it means you are applying too much deodorant. 

Recap (TLDR)

1. Hold to dry skin to soften (10 seconds)

2. Swipe over armpit area

3. Enjoy your day.

If you haven't purchased it yet, here is the link to buy 100% natural deodorant

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